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The organization of this event is made according to all the rules for these events. Each person over the age of 18 and having read the Terms and Conditions, the Condifentiality Policy, the Rules of Participation and has accepted them, is valid for participation. Product testing is done to check its improvements and add new ones. The testing will be done according to the functions and requests made by the manufacturer. Testing the product over the imposed limits and leading to its deterioration will bring for the person concerned the obligation to pay it at the market price. If the user respects the limits imposed by the manufacturer, in the end he can keep the product. All participants are obliged to be aware of all the rules of participation and the obligations of participation. Failure to comply or avoid reading them will result in their exclusion from the competition. Personal data collected to contact future winners must be accurate to avoid delay in contact and product delivery.

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This article will be built from opinions about what it means to be a beauty blogger, opinions gathered from beauty bloggers and readers. Nowadays there are so many good and less good opinions about beauty bloggers, some say you should do one, others, everyone comes with his opinions and criticisms. At the workshops I held this year, I realized that beauty bloggers always have a challenge in finding rules and setting rules and forgetting the essence, meaning that I write about beauty because they are they like it, they just like it. Blogging is such a beautiful thing, it always starts from a hobby and a passion so feminine for those small and fragrant objects: cosmetics. Cosmetics means a world in which every woman reinvents herself and feels wonderful.Small problems and moments of dissatisfaction will always be in any field. But think about the joy you have when you discover a wonderful lipstick or dream perfume, take some pictures and prepare an article that you enjoy and are looking forward to the reactions from the readers.  

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1) How long am I a tester? After confirming the receipt of the product, the testing period begins which lasts 30 days. 2) What can I get for the test? For testing you will receive the product specified above, a product that is part of the latest generation. 3) What will happen to the product at the end? If you will do well and take care of the product all the time, in the end it will remain with you.

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We offer citizens a chance to test the new range of products. Un order to enter the contest you must agree our TOS and Privacy Policy, and also you need to be 21+ years old. In no manner, non citizens may register to this contest. 


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